There are several ways to partner with + support Homes & Havens. You can give financially, donate home goods and furniture, use your job or position in the community to bring awareness to our cause, help us fundraise, and pray for us.


Financial gifts really make such a huge difference! (We honestly have a dance party over each and every one!)

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which means your gifts are tax-deductible. You can make an online donation HERE or by clicking the button below.


If your business, church, small group, or other social group would like to sponsor a haven for a woman in need, it costs about $2,500 to complete a home. You can get in touch with us about what projects we have on our waiting list and how your group can help. If you would like your name or business listed as a sponsor once the project is complete, please let us know.

You can contact Susan Stein ( for any specific questions.



We are always on the lookout for gently used furniture items to place in the homes of women in need.

Here is a list of items we are looking for:

  • Wood furniture that can be painted or refinished

  • Dressers

  • Bedframes

  • End tables + Coffee tables

  • Kitchen tables

  • Sofas and armchairs (Neutral colors)

  • Wardrobes

  • Bookshelves

  • Desks

Depending on the items, we sometimes collect:

  • Comforter sets

  • Rugs

  • Curtains

  • Pillows

  • Lamps

We are very specific on fabric colors so that it fits our trauma-informed design palette.

To contact us to consider donations, please email Kaysie or message us on Facebook.

Please include pictures so we can evaluate if it would work for our clients.


We love meeting with other leaders or businesses in the community and dreaming up ways to collaborate! Anyone who is willing to advocate for this cause or figure out ways to support us and spread the word are such heroes! Whether you wish to donate your services or simply spread the word about our mission, we would love to connect and partner. We also have promotional materials that we can give you to make it easy to inform people about Homes & Havens.

Email Kaysie for more information.


From the very beginning we have sought God’s favor on this mission, including the decision to become an organization. The work of Homes & Havens is such a powerful, tangible way for women to see the kindness, beauty, and provision of God. We are always looking for prayer partners to help us stand firm and move forward in this beautiful + exhausting work. Thank you for praying.


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