We celebrate women overcoming a life crisis by creating a haven in her own home that will inspire her to rebuild, heal, and find joy in new beginnings.

resurrecting beauty in broken homes


Our Story

After experiencing a personal season of pain and trauma, founder Kaysie Strickland found herself craving a place where she could heal and rest. That process inspired her to help other women in crisis create a haven in their own home that inspired them to heal, rebuild, and find joy.


Our Process

We partner with local ministries that are helping women overcome abuse, addiction, homelessness, sex trafficking, and incarceration by helping furnish and decorate their new living spaces after graduating local programs. We design each space to be therapeutic and healing.


Help Us

There are several ways to partner with + support Homes & Havens. You can give financially, donate home goods and furniture, use your job or position in the community to bring awareness to our cause, help us fundraise, and pray for us.

We create environments that promote peace + healing.


We use a unique approach to home decor/design that is focused on creating an environment that promotes peace, healing, and inspiration especially for women recovering from trauma or addictions. We’ve spent countless hours researching the effects of physical environments on emotional/behavioral wellbeing — such as the physiological properties of color, the damaging effects of clutter, and how to promote visual comfort in a space.

Many of these studies have been conducted with hospitals and rehabilitation centers in mind, but we want to bring that research into the homes that need it most. We believe that home design can assist in the healing process.



We exist to support ministries + organizations that are already doing incredible work.


We have several respected partnerships with local women’s recovery centers that assist women out of their initial crisis. These are usually residential programs that last anywhere from a few months up to a year. After a woman is referred to us through one of our verified partners, we begin the process of creating a haven in her own home.

If you are a verified partner, you can now submit client haven requests here.



Free Consultation In Her Home

We meet with recently graduated clients in their existing space to get an idea of her needs and style. We have a unique, trauma-informed approach with our clients that protects dignity, encourages hope, and calms potential anxiety before and during the process.

Sometimes we suggest a few homework items such as decluttering, painting, etc., depending on the client’s time/financial resources.

Personalized Design Plan

We create an individual design plan for each woman based on our assessment of her current space, recovery, social needs, and personality. Our designs are heavily influenced by research on healing spaces, visual comfort, and stress reducing colors that will promote security and peace for women impacted by addiction or trauma.

Shopping + Assembly

After the design plan is created, we begin shopping and assembling all the items we will need to turn her home into a haven. This process usually takes a week or two, depending on the urgency of the client’s needs or available resources.

Install Day + Optional Surprise Reveal

We schedule a day to deliver the items, assemble the room, and reveal the new space! If painting or decluttering are required, we might break this into two sessions or schedule a whole day for the install. Usually this process takes about 3-4 hours with the help of a few volunteers. If clients want to be present for the install process, they are welcome. Otherwise, they wait to see the complete reveal after we are finished.